Silver-fern Design

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Interior Design




• Individuals and Families
All designs will cater for “Life-style Living”, Homes and projects are economically designed allowing for budget, clients needs and energy efficiency.

• Owner Builders
As mentioned “above”, the buildings are designed to the highest standard. Valuable advice from design stage’,council liaison, through to construction work will occur. An estimating service is also available for the extra service. Imagine building your own home with having a professional Licensed builder to giving you advice and overlooking your project.

• Builders
Have you ever been frustrated with clients asking for quotations with NO Architectural plans?

Refer Silver-fern Design to the client and we will provide you professional Architectural sketches to quote on, (Stage 1). The client will only be out of pocket a small fee compared to full council / building plans. If the client is willing to invest in the sketch plans you can be pretty sure that they are fair dinkum about the project and are not just using you as a free quoting service. Therefore, the builder has decent plans to quote from.

Then, if the client accepts the builder’s quotation, Stage 2, the builder may prepare final documentation for council and construction (costs covered in builder’s quotation). OR Silver-fern Design may complete plans. Both the builder’s client and the builder are winners.

Silver-fern Design has experience in land development and dual occupancies etc. Through our knowledge in dealing with council’s development control plans, government bodies we will be able to provide economical benefits to any developers.
However, never comprising on style, flare and Life-style living.